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RV Rental Show Low, Arizona

Many travelers who explore the area surrounding Show Low, AZ, elect to rent RVs for their journey. Renting an RV comes with a number of unique benefits, the most notable of which is the freedom from having to stay in a hotel room every night. There are quite a few different types of RV rentals available, so use this guide to make sure that you make the right decision for your needs.

The Cost of RV Rentals by Owner in Show Low

An RV rental by owner in Show Low is usually less expensive than getting a camper from a dealership. However, the price to rent an RV in this Arizona city fluctuates with the seasons. Renting an RV almost always costs more during peak tourism times, and prices bottom out when demand is at its lowest.

Beyond seasonal differences, the price to rent an RV in Show Low also depends on the number of people in a travel party. While some RV rentals have flat rates, most renters will charge extra for each additional person in a party. If there are a lot of people joining you on your trip, it might make more sense to rent a second RV.

Show Low RVs for Rent by Owner

The size of the RV that you rent will also make a big difference in the price you pay. This is understandable because longer RVs usually have more places for people to sleep. Furthermore, they are often fully stocked with a number of luxurious amenities.

However, shorter RVs can be luxurious as well. You may be surprised at how owners can soup up a campervan with plush furniture, entertainment systems, and even kitchenettes. They may also include bedding, dishes, and DVDs.

Campers for Rent by Owner in Show Low, AZ

After you’ve taken account of all of these factors, you’ll still need to consider if you prefer to drive a trailer or motorhome. In general, camping trailers cost less to rent. The three most common types of camping trailers are travel trailers, fifth wheels, and pop-up campers.

Every type of camping trailer is alike in that they connect to a towing vehicle. Unlike motorhomes, camping trailers must be hooked up to a truck or an SUV for transport. However, this lack of a connected engine can actually lead to a number of advantages.

Since camping trailers can be detached from their towing vehicles, they can be left behind at a campsite if you want to explore a nearby town or hiking area. Also, in a camping trailer, the driving section and the living section are completely separate. This is preferable to some campers.

While most traditional travel trailers are shaped like long rectangles with 90-degree corners, some options, including Airstreams, have rounded edges. Travel trailers connect to a standard ball hitch that is installed on the bumper of a truck or SUV. For the most part, these types of trailers usually don’t exceed 30 feet in length.

Fifth wheel trailers, on the other hand, can be quite a bit longer than traditional trailers. This is because they feature a special hitching mechanism that is unique to these RVs. Instead of connecting to a ball hitch, fifth wheel trailers hook up to a hitch that is bolted into the center of a truck bed.

Since fifth wheel trailers hitch vertically instead of horizontally, they enjoy a wider turn radius. This hitching mechanism is also quite a bit more stable than a ball hitch. Some fifth wheel trailers can exceed 40 feet in length.

Fifth wheel trailers also have an overhang that sits over the bed of a truck. This compartment is usually home to the master bedroom.

Pop-up campers are quite a bit smaller and lighter than either travel trailers or fifth wheel trailers. Their small size makes them economical to tow, so pop-up campers are a great choice for travelers who are on a strict budget.

When collapsed, these trailers look like small rectangles. Once they have been popped up, however, they may expand to reveal a roomy living space complete with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette.

Show Low Motorhome Rentals by Owner

The types of motorhomes that are available for rent in Show Low include Class A, Class B, and Class C RVs. These model types are differentiated by their sizes.

Class A RVs look similar to transit buses in that they are flat on the front and feature a big windshield. Class C RVs, which are smaller, have a van engine at the front as well as a small overhang that sits over the driving compartment.

Class B RVs, which are the smallest type of motorhome, are also called campervans. While campervans may be economical and compact, they still contain all of the comforts of home. Since they are so compact, they are the easiest motorhomes to drive.

Show Low Private RV Rentals

Renting an RV from the owner saves you the headache of dealing with a dealership. Since many RV owners are personable, renting a camper directly from a private listing is typically a straightforward experience. Plus, there is a wide selection of private RV rentals in Show Low.

To find the type of RV you need for your excursion, simply launch an internet search. Many RV owners look to alleviate the costs of storage and maintenance. Therefore, they are eager to rent their vehicles.

Motorhomes for Rent by Owner in Show Low

When you rent an RV directly from the owner, you also gain the owner’s expertise with their camper. An RV owner can familiarize you with all of the unique quirks of their vehicle, and they can even direct you to the best campgrounds and scenic areas in the Show Low region.