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What to Look for in an RV Rental by Owner in Holbrook

When you are searching for an RV rental by owner in Holbrook, there are many features and options that you might want to consider. If you are planning on driving to see some of Arizona’s, Nevada’s or California’s state or national parks and monuments, consider an RV rental that allows for unlimited mileage. With that type of rental, you won’t have to pay any extra mile fees, which could save you a bundle on your rental.

You might also want to look for an RV based on how many people it can accommodate. When traveling with five to seven additional companions, you’ll probably need to search for an RV with plenty of storage and sufficient sleeping berths. If you are traveling with just one or two people and perhaps a canine companion, you might prefer to focus on finding an RV that has fun features, such as a pop-out awning that gives you some shade when you’re parked.

Places to Visit in Holbrook RVs for Rent by Owner

When you make your reservation for Holbrook RVs for rent by owner, you may want to start planning an itinerary of places to see in the area, and also list sites to explore that are a few hundred miles away. One local spot to visit is the crossroads of Historic Route 66. Be sure to bring your camera to take some memorable photographs in front of the historic place markers.

Just a short drive from the center of Holbrook is the Petrified Forest National Park. This park features picturesque fossils, petrified tree trunks and native plants and animals. You can take a ranger-guided tour of the top sites or pick up a map from the visitor’s center and enjoy a self-guided tour.

If you travel 50 to 100 miles from Holbrook in your rented RV, you could go fishing, canoeing or hiking in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest also has its own RV campground, and so you could spend the night there after your time in Holbrook. Nearby is the Tonto National Forest, which features forested mountains, winding rivers and a cactus desert.

Amenities and Features of Campers for Rent by Owner in Holbrook, AZ

Campers for rent by owner in Holbrook, AZ, are available with a variety of amenities and features. Most of the RVs have air conditioning, multiple sleeping berths and chairs, sofas and tables that convert into beds. The RVs either have kitchenettes or full kitchens for preparing and storing food.

Some of the newest RVs have high-tech features to enjoy. You may want to consider renting an RV that has backup cameras to enhance your safety when you’re backing into a campsite or parking space. The RVs may also have multiple DVD players and televisions installed that can keep you and your travel companions entertained.

For the driver, there are also many amenities to consider. RVs made within the past couple of years usually have GPS navigational units. You may also find other useful systems, such as satellite radio, Bluetooth technology for hands-free calling and adaptive cruise control for those long stretches of open roads.

Benefits of Using Holbrook Motorhome Rentals by Owner for Vacations

There are many benefits to taking Holbrook motorhome rentals by owner on your vacations. Perhaps you would like to take a family vacation, but your personal vehicle just doesn’t have enough room for everyone. Renting an RV gives you the space that you need to feel comfortable and relaxed while spending time with family on the road.

You might also consider renting an RV from its owner when you want to go camping, but you’re not interested in sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag or in a tent. The RV allows you to enjoy plenty of time in the great outdoors before you step inside to sleep in a climate-controlled environment and on a real bed with a mattress. Many people enjoy RVing because they can cook their own meals in the kitchen instead of having to rely on fast food or pricey restaurant meals.

Taking a rental RV for your vacation is also an ideal solution when you want to visit places without traditional accommodations. Many attractions, such as national forests, monuments and parks, are not located near hotels or motels, but they often have RV campgrounds and tent-camping areas. Taking the RV would allow you to stay at the park for as long as you like, exploring every trail and scenic spot.

Ways to Get Deals on Holbrook Private RV Rentals

Renting an RV from an owner typically costs less than eating all your meals at restaurants and paying for hotels or motels on your vacation. Even so, you probably still want to get some great deals. If your schedule is flexible, look for last-minute deals on rentals that are often available at a considerable discount.

You could also travel during the off-season, which is from April through October in Arizona. The only exceptions to this are the popular holidays of Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. Also, RVs that are a few years old may cost less to rent than the newest models.

What You Need to Reserve a Motorhome for Rent by Owner in Holbrook

To reserve a motorhome for rent by owner in Holbrook, you need to have a valid driver’s license. You will also need to show proof of a renter’s insurance policy for the RV. The renter’s insurance covers damage or theft of the vehicle, and it may also pay for roadside help if you need it.

If more than one person in your travel party will be driving, you will also need to have their license details. Anyone who will get behind the wheel should be a named party on the RV renter’s insurance policy.

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