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RV Rental Surprise, Arizona

With beautiful locations like White Tank Mountain Regional Park and Asante Community Park, Surprise, AZ, is a place that every camper should take some time to really appreciate. While some campers may prefer to camp and hike in the traditional way, an RV rental is a much easier and more convenient method of camping for those who want comfort while out in nature. In Surprise, there are a few great RV rental agencies, but it can be quicker and easier to find a by-owner rental opportunity.

Surprise Motorhome Rentals by Owner

When you rent an RV, you typically save cash on things like hotel rooms and car rentals, and these savings usually increase when you find an owner willing to rent out his or her RV. Arizona is a place full of wide-open spaces, and Surprise has more than its share of natural vistas. It is also home to many full-time RV owners who want to rent out their RVs at least some of the time during the year.

The Advantages of Surprise Private RV Rentals

Surprise is packed with natural vistas and areas where an RVer can find some real natural beauty. Places like the Sierra Montana Park are perfect for someone who wants to take in a bit of nature’s natural charm. Plenty of natural woodlands and forests where you can quickly make camp and enjoy what this area of the state has to offer are within easy reach.

Traditional camping requires that campers make fires and either keep their food cold in coolers or fish or hunt for their meals. With an RV, many vehicles have both food preparation amenities and refrigerators to keep your food nice and cool during your trip. Since you’re renting from an owner, in many situations, the RV will be equipped with all of the features that you need for a truly great retreat from civilization.

Surprise RVs for Rent by Owner: Fifth Wheels

If you have a truck, consider finding an RV owner who possesses a fifth wheel RV. Surprise, AZ, private RV rentals of this type provide an amazing amount of space for your next RV trip. As long as you have a fifth wheel hitch on your truck that will accommodate the capacity of the rented fifth wheel, you’ll have no trouble hauling the vehicle.

Fifth wheels can also be some of the most luxurious RV models on the market. These RVs might have expandable living rooms that extend outwards so that you have more living space.

Some even have multiple bathrooms, which is very convenient because a standard fifth wheel might accommodate eight or more people at a time. A good fifth wheel hitch will also be convenient at many of the campgrounds in Surprise. These vehicles can be pulled quickly and easily into a pull-through campsite.

Luxury Motorhomes for Rent by Owner in Surprise

If you don’t have a truck and don’t particularly want to deal with a truck rental, it’s possible to find a luxurious motorhome for rent from an individual. Some of these Class A motorhomes are truly glamorous. In one, you can sometimes find features like kitchens with central islands, master bedrooms that will have all the features of the one in your home, and premium features like dishwashers, washers and dryers, and double sinks.

Driving one of these spacious RVs is relatively easy, and the driver has a spacious cockpit-style area in which to navigate. Owners of these types of RVs will typically rent them for convenience because storing a motorhome like this either takes up a lot of space or costs a lot of money to store. As a result, renting one of these from an owner can really help the owner’s bottom line, and you may even be able to save significantly on the rental compared to an agency.

Toy Hauler Campers for Rent by Owner in Surprise, AZ

Want to explore the Surprise, AZ, area in an ATV? While this can be difficult for typical RVs due to space limitations, a toy hauler is specifically designed to help you and your small vehicles get to your next vacation site in Surprise. This is because toy haulers have a specific garage inside that can store an ATV, a motorcycle, a boat, or even a small car.

These vehicles are also very large and can provide a luxury experience. In fact, toy haulers can even feature cabin-wide sound systems, external HDTVs for nighttime movie watching, and vehicle ramps that transform into porches.

Toy haulers typically can be found in towable format, so it’s important for you to understand that you’ll need a larger truck if you’re planning on traveling with an RV of this type. Fortunately, some toy hauler owners will throw in the towing vehicle rental as part of the package.

Compact RV rentals by Owner in Surprise

If you’re intending to travel light, a good compact RV rental is a great idea. Traditional campers tend to love the closeness to nature that a tent-based campsite provides. A good compact RV without the extra frills of a luxury model can provide the same sort of experience.

For this type of camping, you’ll want to avoid the Class A-style vehicles. Fortunately, there are large RVs that can bring you fairly close to nature, even if you have a large party.

Teardrop, pop-ups, campervans, and Class C motorhomes all have great features. If you still love the experience of fishing, hunting, and relaxing by the fire, these RV types can provide a simple, yet far more comfortable, sleeping space for all of your traveling companions.

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