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RV Rental Sierra Vista, Arizona

Free yourself up to enjoy exploring the Sierra Vista area at your own pace by renting an RV directly from the owner. When you rent an RV for your trip through Arizona, you won’t have to worry about finding a place to stay for the night. Since your home will also be your transportation, you’ll have the ability to explore attractions such as Miller Peak or the Gray Hawk Nature Center.

RV Rental by Owner in Sierra Vista

Renting an RV from a private owner in Sierra Vista is easy. Simply decide which type of RV you want to rent and then search for listings online. Before you make a decision, however, you should consider some of the differences between popular RV models.

One of the main differences you’ll encounter is pricing. Some simple RVs can be exceedingly cheap to rent while others with more features will cost significantly more. A variety of factors will affect the price that you’ll pay to rent an RV in Sierra Vista.

For example, overall size is a major determining factor in the cost to rent a trailer, motorhome, or campervan. While shorter RVs are usually cheaper to rent, longer models cost more. However, exceptions to this rule come into play when you rent a short camper with luxurious features or a long motorhome with only simple amenities.

Depending on the type of rental agreement that you make, the cost to rent an RV in Sierra Vista can also vary based on the number of people in your group. Some renters will charge more for each additional traveler in your party, so keep this factor in mind when you’re deciding who you want to invite on your trip.

Be sure to take accurate stock of all of the amenities you’ll need on your trip. While a motorhome with a full kitchen may garner a higher daily rate, you’ll be able to cook your own meals. This could save money versus going out to eat several times a day.

Sierra Vista RVs for Rent by Owner

Before deciding on an RV rental in Sierra Vista, you’ll want to carefully consider the different types of RVs that are available. First, consider the types of camping trailers that you’ll find available to rent. These RV models hook up to a truck or other suitable towing vehicle.

The two types of camping trailers that are most commonly seen on the road are travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers. When it comes to travel trailers, they attach to a ball hitch on the bumper of a truck or other suitable vehicle. They are usually relatively low to the ground, which is an important consideration when driving with a trailer.

It’s important to note that fifth wheel trailers can exceed 40 feet in length. These types of trailers can be so long because of the unique hitching mechanism that they use to connect to a towing vehicle. Unlike travel trailer hitches, fifth wheel hitches are bolted into the center of a truck bed.

This special hitching mechanism provides fifth wheel trailers with extra stability. Furthermore, these trailers also have more floor space due to the overhang that sits over the truck bed. Since these types of trailers stick out a considerable distance behind your towing vehicle, they often require a bit of finesse when maneuvering into parking spaces.

Campers for Rent by Owner in Sierra Vista, AZ

Pop-up trailers may not be recognizable as campers by people that are new to the RV life. When these types of trailers aren’t in use, they collapse into a low towable rectangle. After you’ve reached your campground, however, you can expand your pop-up camper and erect the tent-like upper portion.

Pop-up campers are very lightweight, and they are also easy to see around due to their low-to-the-ground design. People who want to feel closer to nature often choose these types of campers.

Since they are also quite small, they’re easy to drive and often available at discount prices from renters. If you’re only traveling with one other camper, you’ll like this type of RV.

Motorhomes for Rent by Owner in Sierra Vista

For those who do not have access to a towing vehicle, it may be better to rent a motorhome in Sierra Vista. These models are essentially smaller coaches with connected motors. Simply select whether you want to rent a Class A, Class B, or Class C motorhome, and then get in touch with an RV owner to set up a rental agreement.

Class A Sierra Vista motorhome rentals by owner are flat on the front and look a lot like buses. These are the largest and most luxurious options.

Class C motorhomes, which are the next size down, have an engine area that looks a van. Both Class A and Class C motorhomes can exceed 35 feet in length.

Class B motorhomes, which are also known as campervans, are the smallest and most affordable of the model options. Since these motorhomes usually aren’t any longer than 20 feet, they are very easy to drive.

Sierra Vista Private RV Rentals

Compared to renting from a dealership, renting an RV from a private owner gives you more selection. While most dealerships only have a few rental RVs available, the Sierra Vista community is filled with RV owners who can’t wait to rent you their campers. In fact, you may be surprised at how many options are available.

Before you settle on a rental, be sure to correspond with the owner. Different agreement packages include benefits like unlimited mileage and added amenities.

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