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Renting an RV in Gilbert, AZ, is a great way to experience the freedom of exploring the open road on your own terms. This liberating experience can be further enhanced when you bypass the usual red tape and rent an RV directly from the owner.

RV Rental by Owner in Gilbert

Since there are so many people in Arizona who can’t wait to rent their RVs to you, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find the camper of your dreams without having to leave Gilbert. When looking for RVs to rent from a dealership, you usually have to go to major cities to find a reasonable selection of options. But even in a nearby metropolis like Phoenix, you may not be able to find a dealership that is able to rent the type of RV that you want to use for your adventure. You can avoid all of the hassles of calling around or physically visiting various RV sites by renting an RV directly from the owner. You can rent an RV from its owner simply by visiting a comprehensive RV rental website and scrolling through the options. When you’ve selected the RV that you want, you can then book a reservation and pick up your RV on the specified date.

Gilbert RVs for Rent by Owner

Before you book a reservation, you’ll need to pick an RV that perfectly suits your needs. While every type of RV will provide you with a home away from home to serve as a base camp as you explore everything that the Gilbert region has to offer, that’s where the similarities end. Some RVs help you feel close to nature while others are more like luxury homes on wheels. The most notable difference between the various types of RVs is the mode of propulsion used by each. Motorhomes have their own engines that are attached to the living quarters. Travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and pop-up campers, on the other hand, must be towed by a truck or other vehicle using a hitch.

Campers for Rent by Owner in Gilbert, AZ

The three main types of motorhomes are Class A, Class B, and Class C. Class A motorhomes are usually large and luxurious. Class C motorhomes have a van engine at the front with an overhang that sits on top of the cab. Class B motorhomes, which are also called campervans, are sometimes almost indistinguishable from cargo vans from the outside. If the windows don’t give it away, you’ll be able to see the difference between a campervan and a normal van the moment that you set foot inside. While these RVs are compact and fuel-efficient, they contain all of the comforts of home that you’ll need on your journey through Arizona and beyond.

Gilbert Motorhome Rentals by Owner

While Class B motorhomes are usually shorter than 20 feet, Class A and Class C motorhomes are frequently more than 30 feet long. All of this extra space allows you to travel with more people and entertain more guests. But there’s one type of RV that’s bigger than all the rest. Fifth wheel trailers can be more than 40 feet long. Trailers of this size have plenty of room for second bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and even walk-in closets. Fifth wheel trailers are able to support this extra length due to the innovative way in which they connect to their towing vehicles. While traditional trailers connect to a ball hitch situated near the bumper of a towing vehicle, fifth wheel trailers hook up to a special type of hitch that is bolted to the center of a truck bed. While this design means that only a pickup truck can pull a fifth wheel trailer, fifth wheels are much more stable and capable of making wider turns. Since fifth wheel trailers are equipped with a sizable overhang that sits over the cab of a truck, they can be considerably longer than normal travel trailers. However, travel trailers can be pulled by any type of powerful vehicle, including most large trucks and many SUVs.

Gilbert Private RV Rentals

Anyone who has ever rented an RV from a dealership knows that the process can be a headache right from the get-go. Not only do dealerships only have a small selection of RVs that they’re willing to rent, but you’ll also be subjected to the usual sales shtick before you’ll be allowed to rent your camper. Plus, RV dealerships are sure to provide prospective renters with plenty of forms to sign and hoops to jump through. Renting an RV directly from the owner can be a breath of fresh air for those that have been burned when working with dealerships in the past. When renting from an RV owner, you can usually complete the entire transaction online from the comfort of your home. When it comes time to pick up your RV, you’ll be treated to a warm and personable interaction with an individual who knows all about the surrounding area and can give you tips about where to go and what to do.

Motorhome for Rent by Owner in Gilbert

RV owners are intimately familiar with their campers. Unlike the sales staff at RV dealerships who spend most of their time selling RVs, RV owners have usually spent a considerable amount of time out on the open road in their motorhome or trailer. RV owners will be able to point out all of the special benefits of their campers that you might otherwise miss when traveling in your rented RV.

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