Palmer RV Rentals By Owner

When you’re visiting Palmer, Alaska, there’s a lot to do and a vast amount of ground to cover. There are beautiful natural sites and chances to see majestic wildlife like moose, bears and even mountain goats. Add to this the incredible opportunities to catch Pacific salmon and trout, and you’ll be very busy here, which is why renting an RV is an excellent idea.

There are several rental dealerships in the Palmer area, but sometimes it’s better to rent from a local, full-time RVer. In this guide, we’re going to help you understand the benefits of renting an RV from an RV owner in the Palmer, Alaska, area.

Palmer RVs for Rent by Owner

Why consider renting an RV in the great state of Alaska? Well, as you may know, when you make a trip, you’ll have to rent a car, pay for a hotel and, most of the time, you end up spending a lot of cash on eating out. An RV is a great option because it allows you to have a place to sleep, some excellent transportation, and the means to cook your own food as you see fit.

While many people go to rental agencies and dealerships for their RV rentals, renting by owner has its advantages as well. With an owner, it’s more personal and you get to know the RVer. When you get to know an owner, they can give you discounts on future rentals.

Additionally, renting from an individual means that you’ll be renting their part-time home from them. You can expect that the RV will be fully furnished in a much cozier way than you could expect from a dealership. Simply put, you’ll feel more at home when you rent from someone who spends a lot of time in their RV.

Where to Find Palmer Private RV Rentals

There are a few ways to find a rental from an owner in Palmer. One of the most commonly used methods these days is to use an RV sharing service. These are sites that allow owners to post their RVs online for rental.

Typically, the company charges a small fee, but the chance for the owner to turn a profit makes these sites very useful for both the renter and the owner.

These sites have pictures of the camper or motorhome for rent by owner in Palmer, AK, and also outline features of the rental. Typically, these sites tell you about things like the number of bathrooms, the types of bathrooms, the size of the RV, the kitchen amenities, and the number of people that can sleep comfortably in the RV.

Additionally, there are entire communities of RV enthusiasts that love to rent to like-minded people. On these web forums, you can find people in Palmer — and in places all over the country — who want to rent their vehicles in the offseason. Along with these RV internet options, you can also look in the Palmer white pages, search on Craigslist or check newspaper listings.

Palmer Motorhome Rentals by Owner

While many people travel with just one companion, sometimes you may want to bring more family or friends along. In that situation, you can rent a full motorhome from an RVer; these are typically very spacious, and they will also have at least one full bathroom for you and your fellow travelers to use.

These motorhomes are usually pretty decked out. When a person in Palmer is trying to rent out their motorhome, it usually means that they live in the vehicle at least part of the year. There’s almost always going to be televisions, comfortable furniture, comfortable bedding and a real sense of comfort in the RV when you rent from an owner.

Additionally, if you rent from someone who owns a Class A RV, you’ll be in for a treat. These motorhomes are luxurious; they often have features like marble flooring, carpeting in the sleeping quarters, beautiful wood components and flat-screen televisions.

Pop-up Campers for Rent by Owner in Palmer

When your party is relatively small, you may want to consider a pop-up camper rental by owner in the Palmer area. Pop-up campers require a tow vehicle, so if you don’t have one of these handy, the RV owner may rent you theirs.

In any situation, a pop-up camper that’s rented from an owner can often comfortably sleep at least two people, and they are often more luxurious than one might expect. These campers can have full bathrooms and roomy sleeping quarters, but how much space you’ll have depends on the model of pop-up camper that you rent. That being said, not all pop-up campers have a bathroom, so take that into consideration as well.

Travel Trailers and Campers for Rent by Owner in Palmer

Do you need a little more room than what’s available in a pop-up trailer but you don’t need a class A, B or C motorhome? In that case, a good travel trailer may be an option for you because these RVs often can comfortably house more than five people at a time. This type of RV is also relatively popular in the Palmer area, so if you have a few friends or family with you, this may be the RV for you.

Like pop-ups, travel trailers require a tow vehicle of some sort. They are an excellent in-between vehicle for anyone who wants a good amount of space but doesn’t want to feel constricted like you might feel in a pop-up trailer. Also, some travel trailers can be very luxurious; in fact, some Airstream models have amenities that’ll make you feel like you’re in a well-appointed hotel.