Tennessee RV Rentals By Owner

If you’re dreaming of traveling on the open road and taking in the spectacular landscapes in Tennessee, now is the time to plan an unforgettable trip. It’s easy to rent an RV or camper and escape to a beautiful destination that has many points of interest. You’ll create new memories with your loved ones while having a greater appreciation for the state.

Rates and Prices on Tennessee Private RV Rentals

Multiple factors influence the overall rate that you obtain on your RV rental. The time of year that you take your trip is the primary factor due to the demand of the vehicles among fellow travelers. The type of RV or camper that you obtain will also influence what you pay.

Many people have to pay for each mile that they drive, which can affect the cost. Determine the route that you plan to take ahead of time to get an idea of what you’ll have to pay at the end of your trip once providing the deposit upfront. If you would rather pay an upfront flat fee, look for a rental with unlimited miles.

Knowing the type of vehicle that you want to rent, the dates of your trip and how far you’ll drive will make it easier to compare different rates when shopping around.

Low-Cost RV Rental by Owner in Tennessee

You may want to find a great deal on an RV or camper and stay within a tight budget, which can make it easy to add extra days to your trip or visit more attractions. Consider traveling during the off-season to get lower rates or book the rental in advance to get a better deal.

Finding packages that include unlimited miles will also help with the cost and allow you to have more freedom with where you travel. If you’re in the beginning stage of the planning process, consider traveling in a small group to get a size of RV appropriate for your budget.

High-End Motorhome for Rent by Owner in Tennessee

You don’t have to choose a small ride when you’re staying in an RV or camper during your trip. Airstreams and Class A or B RVs will allow you to have a high level of comfort. You’ll feel at ease while sitting on leather recliner chairs or preparing food on marble countertops.

Camping will also prove to be a more enjoyable experience with your high-end rental that will allow you to sleep on a comfortable mattress instead of on the floor of the forest. You can enjoy using a modern bathroom and kitchen instead of trying to get by in the outdoors.

It’s also easier to have more room in a Class A or B RV due to the amount of space available. The large size of each vehicle makes it easy to stretch your legs out without feeling too close to other travelers, but if you want to bring a large group of friends, some Class A RVs fit up to 10 people.

You’ll ride in the lap of luxury when you visit Graceland for a tour of Elvis’ home or stop at Dollywood in your sleek RV.

Tennessee RVs for Rent by Owner

Many people who own RVs or campers and don’t use them throughout the year prefer to rent them out to fellow travelers in various seasons. You can have more options by looking online for listings through private owners. You may score a better deal and obtain a newer model.

The owner won’t have to worry about storing or maintaining the RV while it’s in use, and you’ll enjoy saving money by avoiding the cost of hotels and restaurants while traveling throughout Tennessee.

Places to Stay Overnight in Tennessee Motorhome Rentals by Owner

You’ll have the freedom to park and stay put on the same campground during your trip or visit a new place each day when exploring the state. There are many RV parks and campgrounds available for those hauling a pop-up camper or driving a motorhome in Tennessee.

Nashville KOA

Nashville KOA is a spacious facility that is lush with plenty of trees on the lot, making it easy to park in the shade. A large pool area is on site for families to enjoy, and a free shuttle is offered to guests to explore the town. Luxury cabins are also available to rent if you want a break from your RV.

Davy Crockett Campground

Located in Crossville, Davy Crockett Campground features an onsite restaurant where you can enjoy dining out and feasting on a buffet for breakfast or dinner. Wood-fired hot tubs are also a favorite among guests, which makes it easy to relax and take in the views at night. On rainy days, board games are available to ensure that you stay entertained while spending your time indoors.

Two Rivers Campground

Two Rivers Campground is a hot spot for travelers because it’s close to the Grand Ole Opry and has a shuttle that can be used for a small fee. Each night, live music is played on the grounds, making it easy to have a bit of fun and meet other guests. The gravel lots are spacious and easy to get in and out of when arriving.

Purchasing Tennessee Private RV Rentals

Once you take your first trip with RVs or campers for rent by owner in Tennessee, it can be easy to fall in love with a specific model. Owning an RV or camper will allow you to have more freedom with when and where you travel throughout the year. You can check out several options that are available through dealers or private sellers.

With your own RV, it’s easy to become a snowbird in the fall and winter season to escape to a beautiful destination that offers warmer weather. You can have your feet in the sand once December arrives while staying in an RV or Airstream.