Phoenix RV Rentals By Owner

Phoenix is home to so many different attractions that many tourists come back year after year to check out new places and revisit some of their favorite destinations. While you could stay in a hotel or rent a cabin, it’s often better to get a motorhome for rent by owner in Phoenix. These rentals provide all the amenities of home.

Cost of Campers for Rent By Owner in Phoenix, AZ

Whether you want to take your kids to the Phoenix Zoo or check out the trails at South Mountain Park, having an RV lets you travel anytime you want without relying on checking in or out of a hotel. The busy season in Phoenix begins in October and ends the following May. However, it’s important to note that the rental rates are still quite reasonable even during those months.

One great benefit of renting from a private owner is that you can find someone offering a price that you can afford and a rate that fits your travel budget. Rates start as low as $50 per night for some basic campervans. Smaller campers and trailers typically cost less than larger motorhomes.

If you have your heart set on a luxury model that comes with all the conveniences of home, you can expect to pay at least $100 a night. The more you spend on a rental, the more features and amenities you’ll likely get with your model.

Top Features of Phoenix RVs for Rent by Owner

As soon as you begin searching for Phoenix RV rentals, you’ll find that these models all come with different features. Pop-up campers are lightweight and easy to tow behind your vehicle. In many cases, you’ll have one large bed at each end of the camper and storage space in the middle.

Other campers that you tow come with more space. One example is a travel trailer that has a small kitchen area inside and multiple beds. You can even let your guests relax and hang out in the trailer while you take turns handing the driving.

With a larger motorhome, you have an even more convenient way to travel. Instead of towing the vehicle, you’ll find a driver’s seat inside, which lets the driver interact with and talk to the passengers in the back. Larger rentals from private owners may include almost everything from bedding to cooking supplies.

What to Look for in Phoenix Motorhome Rentals by Owner

It’s easy to find a variety of choices from multiple private owners in the Phoenix area. Seeing all those options in one place can feel overwhelming, but you can narrow those options down. Start with a search for vehicles available on your specific travel dates.

You can then view those that are the right size for your group. While some models can sleep up to four people comfortably, others can sleep up to eight and even 12 people. You’ll also find rentals that come with private bedrooms.

Some travelers narrow down their searches based on the age of the vehicles. You may decide that you want a model that is only a year or two old because you want to take advantage of modern features. Most rentals available today are no more than 10 years old.

Affordable Phoenix Private RV Rentals

Owners offer more affordable rates as well as more options than you would find from local dealers. Each owner has the right to set his or her own rate. Once you begin looking at prices, you may find that two different owners charge significantly different rates for the same model.

That is why you should always compare rates and check out all the available Phoenix options during your search. You never know when you might stumble across an owner willing to rent at a great deal.

Adjusting the dates of your trip can help you widen your selection as well. Though the busy season is quite long, more people travel at the beginning of spring. Planning your trip near the beginning of October or the end of April can help you save.

If you have your own tents, you can also search for cheaper RVs that have less space. Kids can sleep outside once you set up your camper, which gives you more space and privacy inside. Many Phoenix campgrounds allow RV campers to have one tent on their individual sites.

Places to Stay in an RV Rental by Owner in Phoenix

As you plan your next vacation to Phoenix, give some thought to some of the places you can stay with your camper. The city is home to dozens of campgrounds such as Apache Palms RV Park, which has a bus stop right outside for those who want to see some of the top nearby hot spots. You’ll also have access to free cable television and Wi-Fi as well as amenities like clean restrooms and a heated swimming pool.

Desert Shadows RV Resort is another option for those going on a Phoenix road trip. Amenities at this resort include free ice and drinks in the lobby as well as a large clubhouse that has games and pool tables. You can take a walk along the indoor track, get some free massage therapy, play a game of shuffleboard, or plan a trip around one of the resort’s dances or other special events.

With an RV rental package in Phoenix, you can stay in any of these great RV parks and any of the other campgrounds near the city. Since there are so many rental options, you’ll have no trouble finding an RV that’s ideal for your situation.