Oregon RV Rentals By Owner

Oregon is a beautiful, green state where many people come to explore the great outdoors. When you’re ready to hike through lush forests and take a dip in a waterfall, plan your camping trip getaway. If you want to have more freedom and explore the gorgeous landscapes, renting an RV will prove to be a perfect escape.

Rates for RV Rental by Owner in Oregon

Renting an RV comes with a significantly lower price tag than combining hotels with a rental car. An RV rental has an average cost of $50 to $150 per night.

The size of the RV that you rent is one of the leading factors that determine the rate of the rental. The time of the year that you rent the vehicle is an additional factor due to the demand of the RVs. Traveling during the off-season in the fall and winter seasons can save you more money due to reduced rates.

You can compare various rates online before making your reservation. A photo ID and deposit will typically be requested when you pick up the rental. You’ll pay the remaining balance once you drop it off at the end of your trip, which can also include the cost of each mile that you drive.

Renting an RV or a camper will make it easy to see natural wonders and top attractions throughout Oregon without spending more money on hotel rooms. You’ll also have more convenience if you rent a camper with a kitchen space, which will allow you to prepare your own meals without breaking your budget on diners and restaurants.

Low-Priced Oregon Private RV Rentals

It can be extremely affordable to rent an RV when you are on a budget and want to keep your costs low. Booking your rental several months in advance instead of waiting until the last minute can allow you to lock in lower rates. Finding a package deal that includes unlimited miles will allow you to spend less, especially if you’re driving across the state.

Pop-up campers are a great option if you don’t have a lot of people traveling with you on your excursion. If you own a truck or an SUV, the campers are easy to tow when you want a place to sleep during your travels. Campervans are also affordable and will provide a place to dine, prepare food and sleep comfortably on the road.

If you want the experience of traveling in an RV at lower rates, opt for renting a vehicle that is smaller in length and width. Smaller vehicles can be easy to drive and find parking for.

High-End Oregon RVs for Rent by Owner

Although you won’t be staying in a hotel while renting an RV on your upcoming excursion, it doesn’t mean you have to go without everyday luxuries and amenities during your trip. High-end RVs are known as Class A or B RVs. If you have a larger budget and want to splurge, there are a few reasons to choose a luxury rental.

Luxury RVs include desirable features that make it more comfortable to spend time in the vehicle. It will be easier to spend hours on the road between attractions when you feel comfortable and are entertained. You’ll have more room to cook, bathe and lounge in the RV.

Camping is also a more enjoyable experience with a high-end rental because you can have more resources at your disposal. You’ll have the freedom to prepare meals and snacks in the kitchen or enjoy sleeping on a luxurious mattress instead of in a tent outside. The high level of comfort inside the RV also makes it easy to camp in each season of the year; you’ll be safe from the elements inside your luxurious camper.

Oregon Motorhome Rentals by Owner

You can have plenty of options when finding the perfect rental for your trip to Oregon. Many listings are available online, posted by private sellers. You can enter in your search criteria to find RVs or trailers that will meet your specific needs and are in your price range.

Contacting the owner will make it easier to learn more about the ins and outs of the RV. You can discuss the pricing and how long you’ll need the rental for before booking it. Renting from a private owner is often more convenient and cost-effective than renting from an agency or lot.

Places to Stay in Your Motorhome for Rent by Owner in Oregon

While traversing the state in your RV, you can visit the Pittock Mansion, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and the Portland Center Stage at The Armory. Other places to visit in an RV include the Portland Art Museum, the Oregon Historical Society and the Portland Children’s Museum.

At the end of a day of sightseeing, it’s easy to find a place to park overnight due to the number of options available.

Sweetbrier Train & RV Park

Sweetbrier Train & RV Park invites you to have a bit of family fun at an establishment that is located in an old growth forest. A train is available to take you on a trip through the trees to tour the land and take in the beautiful views. Music, outdoor movies and a tractor ride are also hosted throughout the week.

Junipers Reservoir RV Resort

Located in Lakeview, Junipers is the perfect place to prepare dinner on one of the barbecues or grills that are available for guests. It’s off the beaten path, making it an ideal place to stay when you want an escape from the city.

Purchase Oregon Private RV Rentals

Once you’ve spent a vacation in one of the campers for rent by owner in Oregon, it may be time to purchase an RV or camper yourself to continue exploring. Many options are available through dealers and private sellers because there’s such a high demand among travelers in this beautiful part of the country.