Oklahoma RV Rentals By Owner

Gone are the days when your only option was to either buy a recreational vehicle (RV) or rent one from some faceless rental company. Now, you can rent an RV from an individual who hates to see his or her prized camper collecting dust during times it’s not in use. An Oklahoma trip is an excellent time to consider RV rentals by owner.

Finding a Motorhome for Rent by Owner in Oklahoma

While you could scour the newspapers and internet for ads listing “Motorhome for Rent by Owner in Oklahoma,” there are easier ways to find a private owner who is willing to lend you a motorhome for the few days that you can get away for a trip to the rural areas of Oklahoma. Certain online companies are designed to aid the owner in advertising their rental options. They are not there to set prices, mitigate disagreements, or dictate contract terms.

Each private owner is an independent agent who can specify his own rental terms. Be sure to find out up front what additional fees you may be charged, such as late return fees, generator usage fees, or fees for failure to return the vehicle in a clean, damage-free condition. Ask about RV rental insurance as well to protect yourself in the event of an accident.

Campers for Rent by Owner in Oklahoma

Campers for rent by owner give you a chance to spend time in the great outdoors of one of the many Oklahoma parks where you can enjoy communing with nature, hiking, fishing, swimming, and hunting. At night, you can return to your camper to luxuriate in its modern conveniences. Best of all, you can park the camper near or in the park so you always have your personal items nearby.

If you have never been to Oklahoma, you may not be aware of all the excellent sites to visit. Consider adding these to your RV trip itinerary:

Muskogee is the location of the Five Civilized Tribes Museum where you can see artifacts and artwork, including the largest collection of Jerome Tiger artwork anywhere.

Beavers Bend State Park and Broken Bow Lake are located in the Ouachita Mountains and offer hiking, fishing, swimming, in-park campgrounds, and the most vivid display of autumn leaves during the fall.

Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees is located in Northeastern Oklahoma and features the Pensacola Dam, which is the longest multi-arch dam in the world, as well as ample fishing, water sports, and nearby deer hunting.

The camper you rent will become your home away from home, and who knows, by the end of the trip you may dream of buying your own RV wonder vehicle. Discuss with the owner whether the rental comes with gear, such as pots and pans, bedding, and cutlery or if you will need to provide your own.

Oklahoma Motorhome Rentals by Owner

Before you decide to rent a motorhome from a private owner, it is a good idea to decide how big of a vehicle you are comfortable driving as well as how much space you need to accommodate your entire party. While a Class A motorhome has the most space, it is also the size of a bus and requires a skilled driver to comfortably operate. Fifth wheels, travel trailers, and toy haulers also come with a special set of challenges for the driver.

You may want to spend some time discussing how the motorhome handles and take a test drive before you commit to a long trip across Oklahoma’s prairie lands or over the Ouachita Mountains. The good news is that learning to drive an RV is achievable without a great deal of practice. Many people will tell you that driving an RV is like driving a car, only it is a really big car that takes up more space and needs more room to turn and clear low-hanging obstacles.

RV Rental by Owner in Oklahoma

When you prepare for your Oklahoma trip with an RV rental by owner, consider how many miles you intend to travel. While the daily rental fee usually comes with a set number of miles, additional miles will cost you extra. You should also factor the deposit and campground fees into your budget.

Other factors to make sure you understand before you leave the owner is how to refill the water tank, whether the tools for emptying waste water come with the rental, and what happens if the RV breaks down in one of the many isolated areas in Oklahoma. You may want to invest in emergency roadside assistance if your current plan does not cover any vehicle you are in.

Oklahoma RVs for Rent by Owner

RVs for rent by owner in Oklahoma are a great way to make use of a tight budget. Since you are taking your bed and kitchen with you, you can do away with hotel bills and restaurant costs. You also save on the wear and tear that a road trip would put onto your own vehicle, and there is more room for luggage, hiking gear, bikes, and anything else you want to take with you than there is in the average car.

Oklahoma Private RV Rentals

Dealing with an individual in an RV rental transaction is a lot more personable than dealing with a large company. It sets the tone for getting back to nature and enjoying the quieter, more relaxed side of life that the state of Oklahoma has to offer, but use your good judgment. If the vehicle does not appear sound or the contract is questionable, consider going elsewhere for your RV rental.

RV rentals by owner can help you see Oklahoma like you never have before. In the process, you may save money and make memories to share for years to come.