Newport RV Rentals By Owner

When you’re visiting the bustling town of Newport, Arkansas, you’ll find that there’s plenty to do. You can witness natural wildlife like the city’s bluebirds, get to know the beautiful vistas that Newport has to offer or even check out some of the local tribes like the Choctaw and Quapaw.

While visiting Newport, many people like to rent RVs because of the campgrounds in the area, but did you know that RV rental agencies aren’t your only option? If you rent from a private owner, you can expect a more personalized experience.

Small RV Rentals by Owner in Newport

If you’re visiting Newport with a small group of fellow travelers, you don’t have to go big. A small RV is a great option, and in many situations, owners in the Newport area may be looking to rent their vehicles out so that they can make a little cash. Smaller RVs come in different types.

One of the advantages of renting a teardrop camper is that they can be towed by just about any car. This means that you won’t necessarily have to rent a tow vehicle in order to get to where you’re going. These trailers will usually accommodate two people, and it’s possible to have an external kitchenette on one for convenience.

When you rent a teardrop camper from an owner, it probably won’t have many furnishings, so it won’t be much different in the overall lodging experience from one that you’d get from an agency.

Pop-up campers are a little larger when you expand them, and they can usually accommodate up to four people at a time. These can have more custom furnishings, so you may expect a very cozy experience when you rent from a pop-up trailer owner.

Campers for Rent by Owner in Newport, AR

You can still go somewhat small if you prefer a motorhome rental in Newport. When you have a small party, campervans are the way to go when you want to rent from a local owner. They are smaller in size while being comfortable and convenient.

Class B campervans are sometimes referred to as van conversions because they are typically a standard van with an RV placed on the frame. As a result, you and up to four people can cruise in style, and driving one of these is very comfortable. If you drive a standard car, you may not notice much of a difference.

Newport Private RV Rentals – Midsize

When you have a party of six or more, you have some excellent options in the Newport area. Not only are travel trailers an option, but a good Class C motorhome is often considered one of the more versatile and spacious RVs on the road. Both of these options can be significantly cheaper when you find a by-owner rental opportunity, so definitely execute some due diligence when seeking out your next rental.

If you’ve ever seen an Airstream trailer, you have an idea of what a travel trailer is. These types of vehicles can have beds that pop out from the body of the trailer or can even have full-sized sleeping areas for up to 10 people. Just about every travel trailer will have bathrooms, dining areas and a shower area.

When you rent a Class C motorhome from a full-time RV owner, you can expect a dedicated master bedroom that rests over the vehicle’s cabin, a larger kitchen area, a dinette, and a full-sized bathroom. Many owners store these vehicles in dedicated facilities when they aren’t in use, which is why many owners rent this type of RV out to recoup some storage costs.

Luxury Motorhomes for Rent by Owner in Newport

Sometimes, there are RV owners who have larger, more luxury-minded RVs for rent. These RVs emulate the feel and glamour of a nice hotel room and are often the most comfortable and spacious of the RV options.

Class A motorhomes are the most well-known of the luxury motorhomes and will have features like hardwood flooring, spacious bathrooms with full-sized showers, expandable living rooms with large-screen HDTVs, and even king-size bedrooms with full closets.

These vehicles are perfect for a weekend wilderness trip because you can go out fishing, ATVing, and hiking and then return home to a truly relaxing and homelike experience. When you rent one of these RVs from an owner, you may save significantly on the rental when compared to a rental agency.

Newport Motorhome Rentals by Owner – Toy Haulers

Do you have a small car that you want to bring with you on your RV weekend? If that’s the case, consider finding an owner of a toy hauler. Not only will these large RVs accommodate small vehicles like ATVs and motorcycles, but there are even larger units that will hold your car as well.

Toy haulers are fairly unique in the RV world because they have a garage area, and some even have ramps that will convert into porches so that you can relax with family and friends. Typically, these are the largest RVs, which means that you’ll have more than enough room for your weekend adventures.

Newport RVs for Rent by Owner – Fifth Wheel Hitches

If you’re looking to go big, a big-rig fifth wheel hitch is truly the behemoth of the RV world. These massive, luxurious RVs can be longer than 45 feet in length and will usually require a larger tow vehicle in order to transport them. When you rent from an owner in Newport, you may be able to rent the larger tow vehicle as well.