Kenai Peninsula RV Rentals by Owner

Alaska is filled with wide-open spaces, gorgeous views of volcanoes, and natural wonders; it’s a place you must add to your bucket list. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, fishing, whale watching, or glacier sighting, there’s plenty of natural curiosities in the Kenai Peninsula you’ll want to experience.

Along with all the natural wonders of this amazing place, the area is a haven for artists. Alaska isn’t the frozen tundra you might expect. It has incredible restaurants, museums, and cultural centers that should be experienced in an RV.

RV Rental by Owner in Kenai Peninsula

Residents of the Kenai Peninsula have their own RVs that they often rent to visitors who want to experience all the area has to offer. There are plenty of lodges and B&Bs, but tourists to the area don’t have to be locked down to one specific location. There’s a vast area to explore in Kenai Peninsula, and an RV allows you the freedom to experience it all during your trip.

When it comes to Kenai Peninsula private RV rentals, owners can’t spend their entire lives on the road. Instead of winterizing and storing their motorhomes and campers, they rent them out to tourists. Residents love this area of the country, and they want to share that with visitors too.

Kenai Peninsula RVs for Rent by Owner

If you’ve never rented an RV from a private party, it’s easy: figure out how many people there are in your party and find the kind of campervan or motorhome you’d like to rent for your vacation. It’s said that the average RV owner only uses their RV a few weeks out of the year. The rest of the time, it sits in storage.

When owners and renters collaborate, it’s a win-win for both sides. The renter gets an RV for a lowered price, and the owner doesn’t have to pay for storage costs. Instead of sitting in the driveway, the RV is being put to good use and making the owner money.

Campers for Rent by Owner in Kenai Peninsula

When you rent a camper or RV from an owner or dealer, you’re going to pay for the mileage. Some owners will include a limited number of miles in the price of the rental. Be sure you understand how many miles you plan on traveling and what your extra costs will be.

If you were to rent a trailer, you wouldn’t have to worry about the extra miles. However, you would have to rent a car or truck to haul the trailer. Keep this in mind when planning your trip to Kenai Peninsula.

It’s likely that you’ll want to move from one location to the next. This is, of course, your reason for renting an RV versus staying in a hotel. Remember to add the cost of mileage to your budget, so you’re not surprised by the charges.

Kenai Peninsula Motorhome Rentals by Owner

When you rent a motorhome, spend time near the mouth of the Kenai River where Beluga whales can be seen from the shore. Along with whales, you can see an incredible amount of wildlife in this area of Alaska, too. There are caribou, eagles, grouse, moose, and bears.

You don’t want to wander in the wilderness alone unless you’re experienced in hiking the wilds. Hiring a local guide is the best way to ensure everyone makes it back without getting lost.

Kenai Peninsula Private RV Rentals

When you take advantage of private RV rentals in Kenai Peninsula, you’ll be able to visit any time of the year. This includes the beginning of August when homes around the area open their gardens to visitors. Gardening in Alaska is unique, and you’ll see flowers there that aren’t visible anywhere else in the world.

Besides the local wildlife and landscapes, there are plenty of festivals and fairs to visit. Every September is the Burning Basket festival. Residents weave a massive basket with birch and grass, place notes inside, and turn it into a huge bonfire.

Motorhome for Rent by Owner in Kenai Peninsula

Your motorhome for rent by owner in Kenai Peninsula will fit everyone in your party as long as you do some research. Make the trip an annual fishing event with your best friends, or create an anniversary road trip with your significant other. Whether you’re a foodie, fisherman, photographer, or adventurer, you’ll find amazing, unique experiences in Kenai Peninsula.

Lastly, check with the local RV parks and campgrounds which have guides and tourist information to help travelers:

1. Beluga Lookout Lodge and RV Park
As this area is famous for fishing, the park does provide rental nets for dipnetting salmon. They have fish-cleaning stations where you can have your salmon cleaned as well as fire pits where you then cook it. Any fish that you don’t eat can be packed or canned for travel back home.

The location offers a complete view of the water as well as picnic tables overlooking the bluff. In addition, there are bathrooms, showers, and laundry facilities for visitors.

2. Scenic View RV Park
The Scenic View RV Park has free private showers, laundry facilities, and free Wi-Fi. There’s a cleaning station and even a smoker for your catch of the day. If you want to go clamming, they’ll rent you buckets, shovels, and boots to catch clams.

One of the biggest draws of this RV park is its incredible view of the water and the gorgeous mountain range beyond. That view is the reason for its name: Scenic View. Make sure you bring a camera on your Kenai Peninsula vacation as you’ll get amazing pictures in the RV park alone.