Jacksonville RV Rentals By Owner

Whether you want to explore Jacksonville and surrounding cities, take a vacation across the state, drive through the Keys, or venture across the South, you’ll find the perfect RV rental for your family or friends. Though some think of Florida in terms of the amusement parks in Orlando, you can easily find other things to do that will make you feel right at home.

Located in the northeastern region of the state, Jacksonville is close to the ocean and the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve as well other attractions and things to do. You can rent an RV or motorhome today that has all the space your group needs.

How to Search for Jacksonville RVs for Rent by Owner

Before you look at RV rentals by owner in Jacksonville, FL, it’s helpful to think about what your group might need in terms of a rental. Unlike dealers and others who might have dozens or even hundreds of campers available, when you rent from private owners, you have access to fewer options. That does not mean that you cannot find the best camper, but it does mean that you need to base your decision on the overall needs of your group.

One thing to consider is the number of beds that you need. Some RVs come with a queen or a double bed in the back of the camper with a dining table or couch that folds down to a second bed. Depending on the RV that you rent, you may have another bed located over the front of the vehicle.

You also need to think about how you will transport that RV. Though it might cost more to rent a vehicle that you drive yourself, it’s an easier alternative to renting a camper that you need to tow behind another vehicle.

Other options you can search for include length and age. The length of the RV gives you an idea of how easily you can maneuver it around campgrounds and campsites, while age lets you know how modern the inside of the RV looks. You will usually have an easier time finding newer models for rent online.

RV Rental by Owner in Jacksonville Costs

With Jacksonville RVs for rent by owner, you’ll find that prices are all over the place. You can generally rent a camper for around $100 or less per day, which is significantly less than it would cost to find a good hotel room for your group.

Check the rental description to find out if you are responsible for paying extra for any mileage that you put on the RV. Some owners want to keep the mileage low and will charge more if you drive a large distance. Other owners charge you just one rate no matter how much you want to drive.

Affordable Campers for Rent by Owner in Jacksonville

Jacksonville private RV rentals are perfect for family vacations, bachelor parties, road trips with friends, and everything in between. When you split the total cost of the rental across multiple people, you can get a camper for less than you expected.

The best way to save on the cost of a rental is when you travel outside of the busy season. Summer and spring break are the two busiest seasons in FL because of college kids on vacation from school and families traveling with small children. Rental prices often drop in the fall and spring, though you may find higher prices in the winter.

You can also save with a rental that is a little older. A brand-new RV — as well as any RV that is three years old or newer —
typically costs more than an older model does. Those older models may lack some of the amenities that you want but will still come with everything that you need.

Things to Do in Northern FL

Campers for rent by owner in Jacksonville let you travel at the drop of the hat and go wherever you want. You can stick close to the city and visit attractions like the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens or Hanna Park, which has a convenient location that lets you try surfing in the Atlantic Ocean or fishing at the nearby lake. The city is also home to Amelia Island, the Museum of Science and History, and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Some of the top attractions in Florida are in and around Orlando, which you can drive to in your rental RV. This lets you enjoy the fun and excitement of Walt Disney World and all the other Disney parks, Universal Studios Florida, and SeaWorld. You can also take a trip south to check out the Florida Keys and/or Everglades National Park.

Motorhome for Rent by Owner in Jacksonville – Campgrounds to Consider

Not everyone who searches for Jacksonville motorhome rentals by owner do so because they want to travel all across the state. If you’re one of those travelers who want to stay close to Jacksonville, you can look at some of the top places to stay. The best campgrounds offer amenities that will make you feel comfortable.

Flamingo Lake RV Park has dozens of spots centered around a large lake that covers 17 acres and has a good location near the heart of Jacksonville. Pelican Park RV Resort is a newer campground that has great ratings from guests. This RV park is close to EverBank Field, which is home to the NFL team the Jacksonville Jaguars.

If you prefer getting back to nature, you might enjoy Kelly’s Countryside RV Park. The park has full hookup RV spots and offers Wi-Fi for guests.

With a motorhome for rent by owner in Jacksonville, you can stick to your vacation budget, enjoy all the sights and sounds of Florida, and find a great place to stay.