Indiana RV Rentals By Owner

If you always wanted to travel across the Hoosier State in a camper that lets you go as slow or fast as you wanted, now is your chance. You can easily find an RV rental by owner in Indiana that has all the space your wild and crazy friends need or that has just enough room for a more intimate family vacation. This state has plenty to offer, including major cities, historic sites, and even professional sports teams.

Benefits of Indiana RVs for Rent by Owner

Indiana is a unique state with an even more unique shape. It is narrow across the middle of the state but quite long and has a small section that wraps along the edge of multiple states like a tail. Whether you want to stick to some of the bigger cities in the state or check out some more rural areas, you’ll find plenty of benefits to Indiana RVs for rent by owner.

One benefit is that you can pick the type of camper or motorhome that is the right size for your group. While some drivers head off with a bunch of friends and family in tow, others want a romantic getaway. You’ll find campers suitable for a bachelor party, family vacation, tailgating party, and everything in between.

When you start your search, jot down a short list of some of the things you want in your camper. Do you need one that comes with a bathroom you can use while driving down the highway, one that has enough sleeping room for your kids and their friends, or one that has a full kitchen for cooking meals on the road? You’ll find campers that come with all these amenities as well as those designed for travelers with disabilities.

Cheap and Affordable Campers for Rent by Owner in Indiana

Indiana private RV rentals are often much more affordable than those that come from dealerships and rental companies because the owners of those vehicles can set their own prices. If you haven’t yet decided when you want to take your vacation, you can search through the available dates to see when prices go up. Rental prices are often the highest around Pacers and Colts home games.

Northern Indiana is home to the University of Notre Dame, which ranks as one of the top colleges in the country. You can rent a camper for going to South Bend to tailgate with family and friends before the next big game. Rental prices will rise on weekends with big games taking place as well as during major festivals like the Indiana Balloon Fest in September and around the holidays.

If you want to save on the cost of your next Indiana vacation, you can select a less popular time to travel, such as in the early winter and later in the spring. Even if you want to explore the state in the middle of summer, you’ll still find owners willing to rent their campers for a low price. You just need to search around to find one that fits your budget.

Amenities to Look for in Indiana Private RV Rentals

As you look at campers for rent by owner in Indiana, you’ll quickly realize that the amenities available change from vehicle to vehicle. Those that come with the most amenities will cost more. An easy way to find out what type of amenities are available is with a look at the types of vehicles you can rent.

The largest motorhome on the road today is a Class A camper, which is perfect for longer and shorter trips. Many come with lots of storage space inside and a canopy that you can put up after setting up the motorhome so that you get some shade. You’ll also have a bathroom and kitchen.

Class B and Class C campers are similar to Class A models but are smaller in size. Some of these look like a van, but others look like an elongated truck. The best reason to choose one of these models is that you can more easily drive one on the open road.

If you have your own truck equipped with a tow bar, you might look for a camper that you can tow with that vehicle and leave behind at the campground. Indiana owners offer models like travel trailers and fifth wheel campers that are nearly as large as the campers you can drive as well. You can also rent a truck camper that attaches right to your truck for convenient camping.

Places to Use a Motorhome for Rent by Owner in Indiana

With Indiana motorhome rentals by owner, there is nowhere in the state that you’re unable to go. You can start your hunt for the perfect campground at one of the many state parks in Indiana. More than 30 of these parks have on-site campgrounds.

Six of those state parks offer sites with full water and electric hookups, including Shakamark State Park, Brookville Lake, and Starve Hollow State Recreation Area. Each park has 50-amp electric hookups and allows pets. Starve Hollow State Recreation Area offers both warm and cold weather activities and features like scenic historic walking trails, mountain biking, jogging trails, and a nature center.

You may want to look for a motorhome for rent by owner in Indiana near the northwestern region of the state because you want to come in from Chicago or check out the Indiana Dunes. These dunes are home to an unsolved mystery and a ghost story as well as miles of gorgeous shoreline.

There are a number of rentals available closer to Indianapolis, too, which will put you close to the Indianapolis Zoo, Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Soldier’s and Sailors’ Monument, and White River Gardens. No matter what you want to see or where you want to visit, you can find the right Indiana RVs for rent by owner.