Gulf Shores RV Rentals By Owner

The Gulf Shores region of Alabama sits right on the water and features some of the top views in the state. This is something of a haven for campers because they know that the area is home to so many campgrounds and fun activities.

If you want to fly into Gulf Shores from another state or live nearby and want to see the region in a whole new way, Gulf Shores RVs for rent by owner can help. These rentals come from owners who cannot use their campers or those who have made other vacation plans. You can search today for a great and affordable rental.

Why Choose Gulf Shores Private RV Rentals?

Before looking at campers for rent by owner in Gulf Shores, AL, you might wonder where those campers come from and who rents those vehicles. These campers are an example of something called peer-to-peer sharing, which involves someone sharing something that they don’t need at that moment. Vehicles often come from those who have a newer model camper, those who decided to take a vacation elsewhere, or those who don’t plan on using their RVs when you want to travel.

The owners of those campers may offer some amenities that you won’t find when renting from a rental company, like bedding and linens, cookware, beauty and personal care products, and spices in the kitchen.

All Gulf Shores motorhome rentals by owner are incredibly well-maintained, too. The owners take care of the RVs’ motors, tires, and all other parts. They will also make repairs to leaky roofs to reduce any problems that you might have while on your vacation.

Cost of an RV Rental by Owner in Gulf Shores

The cost of an RV rental by owner in Gulf Shores varies based on what type of RV you want. If you want something basic like a pop-up camper or towable camper that sleeps between four and six people, you can easily find a rental for between $100 and $120 a day. A more luxurious vehicle that can sleep eight or more people and comes with a powerful engine will cost at least $200 a day.

Keep in mind that the cost of renting a hotel room in Gulf Shores, especially during the busy summer season, will be much higher than this. A room also requires that you have access to a car to hit the beach or do any of the other activities that you want to do. Hotels often charge extra for amenities like Wi-Fi that local campgrounds offer for free.

How to Bring Down the Cost of Campers for Rent by Owner in Gulf Shores, AL

Simply changing the parameters of your search is the best way to bring down the cost of Gulf Shores RVs for rent by owner. This expands your search to include campers and motorhomes that weren’t available on the dates of your original search and may net you some lower prices. The busy tourist season in Gulf Shores takes place during the summer when more people travel to Alabama for fishing and swimming.

To change the cost of a rental, you can also expand your search to include cities near Gulf Shores. This is a good option for those who live nearby and can drive to one of those towns. Rentals in less populous areas and smaller towns are often more affordable.

As you compare rental rates, make sure that you consider the cost of mileage. While some owners give you unlimited miles and do not care how many miles you put on their RVs, others will limit the number of miles you can drive over the course of your trip and charge a rate per mile based on how much you go over. Unlimited mileage rentals will cost you less in the end.

Things to Do With Your Motorhome for Rent by Owner in Gulf Shores

The top activities and things to do when camping in Gulf Shores are those in and on the water. You can rent a boat and spend the day cruising or fishing. If you rent an RV with a tow hitch, you can bring your own boat with you.

Many visitors to Alabama also enjoy checking out the local beaches. Rental companies may provide you with scuba diving and snorkeling equipment as well as offer classes.

A trip to Gulf Shores isn’t complete without a visit to Battleship Memorial Park, which has a real battleship on display. You might plan a day trip to Waterville USA, one of the South’s top water parks, Gulf State Park, or the Alabama Gulf Shores Zoo.

Top Regional Campgrounds for your Gulf Shores Private RV Rental

All the available Gulf Shores private RV rentals that you’ll find are great for spending an extended amount of time in a local RV park. Lazy Lake RV Park is one of your top choices because it offers many types of sites, such as pull-through sites, that can accommodate all vehicle types. It also provides guests with cable and Wi-Fi and offers some nice views of the lake.

Gulf State Park has its own campground with spots suitable for those bringing campers or tents. All spots are paved and come with full hookups. The state park also has a nature center and plenty of fun activities for the family.

Other RV parks and campgrounds that you can visit when traveling to Gulf Shores include Island Retreat RV Park, Gulf Coast RV Park, and Fort Morgan RV Park. If you move outside the city, you’ll find even more RV parks that can accommodate your motorhome for rent by owner in Gulf Shores.