Florida RV Rentals By Owner

You may have a road trip on your bucket list if you’ve always dreamed of traveling throughout Florida. The state is a hot spot for snowbirds and travelers who enjoy spending time in the sun and laying out on the beaches. If you want to take a trip, now’s the time to get an RV rental by owner in Florida.

Prices for Florida Private RV Rentals

Rental prices in Florida fluctuate depending on the season of the year and the demand of the RVs. Rates often increase during the winter and spring seasons. The slowest times of the year are in the summer and fall months.

You’ll need to present a photo ID and driver’s license when picking up the RV, and you will also be required to provide a deposit. The remaining balance for the RV needs to be paid in full when returning the vehicle. Some dealers will allow you to obtain a lower rate if you transport the RV to another location instead of returning it to the same establishment where it was picked up.

Booking the RV in advance can also allow you to save more money. With an RV, you can save a significant amount of money by avoiding hotels and expensive restaurants during the trip. You’ll have your own place to stay each night, and you can prepare your food for added savings that can extend the duration of your vacation.

The miles that you travel will also determine the overall cost of the RV, making it necessary to calculate the distance of your trip ahead of time. Choose a dealer that can offer unlimited miles if you plan to drive across the state. The average cost of renting an RV in Florida is about $150 per week.

Cheap Florida RVs for Rent by Owner

There are ways to save and obtain a cheap motorhome for rent by owner in Florida without exceeding your budget. Consider traveling with fewer people to rent a smaller RV that doesn’t cost as much to rent. You can also opt for campers for rent by owner in Florida, which will suit your needs and cost a fraction of the price of a full-size RV.

Pop-up campers and travel trailers can be towed by a pickup truck or an SUV, which makes it easy to take different routes and avoid having to stay in proximity to hotels at night.

Cheaper RVs are ideal if you don’t plan to spend most of your trip in the RV on the road. Many people who head to Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando opt for spending less on Florida private RV rentals to get around and have a place to sleep at night.

Luxury Florida Motorhome Rentals by Owner

Many people prefer to rent an RV that is luxurious and high-end to avoid feeling inconvenienced while away from home. Class A RVs are sleek and innovative with the technology and features that are available, making it easy to have everything that you need within reach.

Travelers who want to go camping in an outdoor setting without having to sacrifice their comfort can go “glamping” in luxury Florida RVs for rent by owner. Luxury RVs feature oversized windshields, ample storage capacity, HDTVs, large showers, extendable sectional sofas, and reclining seats.

Class B RVs are another consideration if you want to spend more money but still need to stay within your budget. You can ride in style when exploring the arts and culture of Florida when you want to see the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Titusville or take a tour of the Ernest Hemingway House in Key West.

RV Rental by Owner in Florida

When beginning your search for the perfect RV to rent for your trip, consider Florida motorhome rentals by owner. Renting from an owner is easy to do by performing a search online due to the number of listings that are available. You can search and add the features that you want to be available in the RV, along with the price range of what you can afford.

Many RV owners will communicate with you ahead of time and can answer any of your questions. You can even negotiate the price of the vehicle to obtain a lower rate.

RV Parks for Campers for Rent by Owner in Florida

Many RV parks and campgrounds are available to stay at in Florida. The campgrounds are often available for overnight stays or long-term stays.

Lazydays RV Resort

At Lazydays RV Resort, travelers can take advantage of an on-site restaurant and bar that is available each day of the week. Easy hookups, a pool, and an arcade with pool tables are available, making it an ideal place for families.

Carrabelle Beach RV Resort

Carrabelle Beach RV Resort is a kid-friendly location where you can cook at a full-kitchen common area where televisions and card tables are offered. The nearby beach is easy to access and is extremely clean, making it easy to stay cool and stay put while visiting.

RV Dealers and Florida Private RV Rentals for Sale

Many people who spend time on the open road want to plan more trips in an RV once they return home. After getting a motorhome for rent by owner in Florida, you may be ready to purchase your own RV that you can use whenever you desire. You’ll have the freedom to hit the open road at a moment’s notice and explore different parts of the U.S.

Many dealers sell RVs in Florida due to the high demand of the vehicles in the state. You can choose a vehicle that allows you to spend the winter in a warmer climate without paying a significant amount of money for hotels. You can even rent out the RV throughout the year to travelers when the vehicle is not in use.