El Dorado RV Rentals By Owner

There’s no lack of options when it comes to RVs for rent by owner in El Dorado, AR. Whether you want to rent a luxury motorhome with all the trimmings or an economical travel trailer with unlimited miles, there’s bound to be an RV in El Dorado that will suit your needs.

With all the options that are available, though, it can be hard to come to a final decision. Check out this simple guide to help you understand the options that are available so that you can make a fully informed decision.

Campers for Rent by Owner in El Dorado, AR

If you have a truck or an SUV or you’re willing to rent one, going with a travel trailer might be the perfect plan for you. Travel trailers don’t have an engine of their own; instead, they connect to a suitable towing vehicle for convenient transportation.

One of the most significant benefits of renting a travel trailer is the ability to leave the trailer behind at any time. This feature is especially useful if you don’t plan on sitting around a campsite all day. You can drop off your rented travel trailer at a safe location and then tool around in your truck or SUV at your leisure.

Motorhome for Rent by Owner in El Dorado

If towing a trailer around with a truck or an SUV doesn’t sound like the type of RV experience that you would enjoy, you should consider renting a motorhome. Motorhomes are types of RV that contain the living section and engine in one concise package. With a motorhome, you won’t have to worry about figuring out how to use a hitch or setting up an electrical connection.

While all motorhomes contain a cab at the front and a living section in the back, these types of RVs come in all shapes and sizes. The three main types of motorhomes are Class A motorhomes, which are flat at the front; Class C motorhomes, which have front sections that look like truck cabs; and Class B motorhomes, which look like oversized cargo vans. Depending on your budget and preference in style, any one of these might be the right choice for your journey through the El Dorado region.

El Dorado Motorhome Rentals by Owner

No matter what type of motorhome you end up deciding to rent, renting a motorhome directly from the owner comes with benefits that simply can’t be denied. Since there are so many people in the El Dorado area who want to rent their RVs, you’ll often find a better selection renting from the owner than you would if you chose to rent from a dealership. RV owners are also usually more flexible than the staff at RV dealerships and will often be open to negotiating the terms of the rental agreement.

One of the greatest benefits of renting an RV from the owner is the familiarity that an RV owner has with every aspect of their camper. While the staff at dealerships often works with dozens of different types of RVs and never spend a significant amount of time camping in any of them, an RV owner usually only has one or two campers and has spent a great deal of time taking them out on the road for adventures. The owner of an RV is the person who is best-equipped to familiarize you with all of the particularities of operating their camper and set you on your way in style.

El Dorado RVs for Rent by Owner

If you’ve decided that renting a motorhome isn’t the choice for you and you’ve opted to rent a trailer instead, you’ll want to know about the different types of trailers that are available. Travel trailers are long, rectangular RVs that hitch to the bumper of a truck or an SUV. One example of a popular type of travel trailer is the Airstream, which is silvery, sleek, and rounded at the edges.

While other types of travel trailers may not be as eye-catching as Airstreams, all travel trailers are alike in that they can be towed by any vehicle that is powerful enough to pull their weight. Fifth wheel trailers, however, have a distinctive shape that makes it so that they can only be towed by a pickup truck.

RV Rental by Owner in El Dorado

Fifth wheel trailers are easily recognizable by the overhang that protrudes from the front of the trailer body. The hitch on a fifth wheel trailer is located below the overhang, and fifth wheel trailer hitches are only compatible with a specialized truck hitch that is bolted into the bed of the truck. This unique design makes fifth wheel trailers more stable on the road than travel trailers but requires that you sacrifice a significant amount of space in the bed of your truck to accommodate a compatible hitch.

Because of the overhang, fifth wheel trailers that are the same length as travel trailers don’t extend as far behind your truck, which provides greater maneuverability. Because the hitch is located in the bed of the truck, you also have better visibility when hitching up to a fifth wheel trailer than you have when connecting to a travel trailer.

El Dorado Private RV Rentals

Whatever type of RV you decide is right for you, renting directly from the owner is an easy way to set yourself up for a successful adventure. There’s nothing worse than traveling dozens of miles away from your point of origin and suddenly realizing that you don’t know how to operate a critical function of your RV. RV owners know everything that there is to know about the RV that they own, ensuring that you’ll be well-equipped to handle any challenge that comes your way.