California RV Rentals By Owner

Due to its size and wealth of places to visit, California is one of the best states to explore with a recreational vehicle. You can visit the redwoods, surf off the beaches, and visit beautiful Hollywood; you can also explore the entire great state from top to bottom in a good RV, and one of the cheapest ways to get one of these is to rent one. Still, not everyone wants to go to an RV dealership in order to rent, which is why renting from an owner is such an attractive proposition.

California RVs for Rent by Owner

If you know where to look, it’s a relatively simple process to find an owner who is looking to rent out their RV. Renting out an RV this way is a great way for an owner to ensure that their RV is being used during the offseason and when the owner doesn’t have time to go RVing. This is valuable because RV storage is expensive, and if an RV owner stores their RV outdoors, having it sit in a spot for months at a time can invite weather damage.

Additionally, when a person is looking to make a little bit of extra cash, renting an RV is a good way to do so. Plus, renting an RV from an owner is usually significantly cheaper than renting from a dealership, which means that the advantages work for both the owner and the renter.

Finally, renting from an owner is a great way to reduce the prevalence of red tape during the renting process. When you rent from an agency or dealership, you’ll often have to sign forms, have credit checks run, and pay with cards, which can take time. With a rental from an owner, you can quickly pay with cash if you want and start the rental fairly quickly.

The Price of California Motorhome Rentals by Owner

As mentioned, renting from a person is typically much less expensive than renting from an agency or a dealership. While, like a dealership, the price of renting an RV in California from an owner can fluctuate based on the amenities and the size of the vehicle, you can still expect to save renting from a private RVer.

Also, with a private owner, there are no mileage limits. This means that if you want to explore the state of California from stem to stern during the rental period, you won’t be overcharged for putting miles on the RV; it’s all part of the experience for an owner.

If you’re planning on sleeping two to four people, you can expect to spend anywhere from $70 to $150 per day for a smaller RV. Typically, this is very reasonable considering that if you have four people, this is being split four ways, which means that your travel mates will be spending as low as $17.50 per day.

If you’d like a more spacious accommodation, larger RVs are still fairly economical when you rent from an RV owner. For a Coachmen Class C RV, you can spend as little as $185 per day in California, which means that your guests will pay very little considering that the Coachmen can sleep as many as eight people.

The largest RVs outside of the so-called big-rig RVs are the Class A RVs. If you want to rent one of these from an owner in California, you can expect to spend in the $200 to $350 per day range, which is very inexpensive compared to what you’d get in other states.

Where to Find California Private RV Rentals

These days, it’s fairly easy to get in contact with an RV owner looking to rent out his or her vehicle. One of the easiest and most efficient ways is to find a motorhome for rent by owner in California is through an RV site. These sites make it really easy to find an owner, and usually, they have groupings by the class of the RV, the area of the country, and the price per day.

These sites also present you with information on how many people can comfortably sleep inside the RV and the model year. Since the interiors can be vastly different from RV to RV, these types of sites also include info on the bathrooms, the kitchen setup, and whether linens and cleaning supplies are available with the rental. While you may have to leave a deposit with one of these by owner-based internet services, you’ll find that the experience is typically much cheaper once you’re done with your rental.

Luxury California Motorhome Rentals by Owner

Are you looking for a more comfortable experience while you travel the roadways and visit the RV parks of California? If so, then it’s worth looking into a luxury RV. These RVs are comfortable, have a huge amount of space, and have creature comforts like thick, marble flooring, and real wood cabinetry.

Just because you’re renting from a private owner doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your luxury. There are many full-time RVers in the state of California who will rent out their Class A and Airstream RVs. Also, when you rent this way, you’re bound to find that the owners have furnished the interior in an even more luxurious way than you could expect from a Class A rented from a dealership.

Pop-Up Campers for Rent by Owner in California

Pop-up campers are a type of RV that is always surprising. When you’re not in them, they can be very unimposing; they are small, hitch onto your vehicle, and roll along with you fairly quietly. When it’s time to turn in, these trailers expand; in fact, there are many pop-up campers that can accommodate more than four people.

When traveling in California, this type of trailer is fairly common, so it should be easy to find an owner looking to rent one out. These trailers are great for anyone who is staying at an RV park or campground that doesn’t have a lot of space; usually, they can be as little as 8 feet in length.