Bethel RV Rentals By Owner

Due to its primarily rural landscape, Bethel, Alaska, is a great place to visit by RV. This region of the great state of Alaska is a nice place to get to know the Yup’ik people that make up a large part of Bethel’s population. You can experience the excitement of dog sled racing, get in some great hunting, fish for some of the native species of trout and salmon, and enjoy the majesty of nature.

Bethel RVs for Rent by Owner

When you’re staying in Bethel, there simply aren’t a lot of rental agencies or dealerships, so your best bet is to rent from a local owner. This is advantageous for both parties because, in addition to the very few dealerships, there are also no RV storage facilities, so owners have to store their unused RVs at their own homes. When you rent their vehicle, it means it isn’t going to waste.

Additionally, this is also a great way for an RV owner to make a bit of cash. Despite this, when you’re renting from an owner like this, the pricing is still very reasonable. In fact, you may be able to even find an owner that’ll rent for less than $100 a day.

Renting from an owner in this town is also a good way to feel a bit cozier during your trip. When an owner is renting out an RV, it’s his or her part- or even full-time home, which means that it will be fully furnished and very livable. As a result, the walls will be decorated, the bed may be more comfortable and larger, and it’ll just feel more homelike, making your trip more enjoyable.

The Price of Bethel Motorhome Rentals by Owner

When you’re renting a motorhome, there are several types of RVs to consider. The most luxurious type of motorhome to rent is a Class A RV.

These are roomy but one of the most expensive types to choose from. When you’re renting one of these, you can expect to spend anywhere from $250 to about $500 a day.

The second type of motorhome that you may find to be available for rent is the Class B, which is also known as a campervan. These vehicles typically sleep two to four people and are relatively cheap to rent on a daily basis. When you’re trying to rent a campervan-style motorhome like this, you can expect the prices in and near Bethel to be around $130 to $200 per night when you’re renting from an owner.

The final type of motorhome rental by owner that you can expect in the Bethel area is a Class C rental. Class C RVs fall in the midpoint between Class A and Class B RVs when it comes to size. These vehicles can easily sleep four to eight people, and when you find one of these motorhomes for rent by owner in Bethel, they will typically range from $200 to $300 per night.

Pricing for Towable Bethel Private RV Rentals

If a motorhome isn’t your thing, and you have a vehicle that can tow a lot of weight, consider a towable RV from an owner in this area of Alaska. There a few types of towable RVs out there that only require a ball hitch on your SUV or truck in order to transport it along with you on your visit to Bethel.

The types of towable RVs include the pop-up camper, teardrop camper, fifth-wheel hitch, and traditional travel trailer. Each of these can accommodate more than two campers, but, of course, the number of sleeping areas will vary by model.

These types of trailers tend to cost much less than a motorized RV since they don’t have motors. In fact, you can expect any of these towable RVs to range between $100 and $250 per night range in Bethel, Alaska, when you rent them from an owner.

Luxury Bethel Motorhome Rentals by Owner

If you’re into glamour camping, or “glamping,” you can rent either a kitted-out Class A or Airstream travel trailer. Both of these types of RVs have a lot of luxurious features, which can include top-of-the-line electronics like flat-screen televisions, tiled or even marble flooring, and roomy mattresses and sleeping quarters.

This type of camping is actually very fun; you’re never truly “roughing it,” and the experience is more akin to staying at a nice hotel. Additionally, staying in the Bethel area this way can actually save you money compared to the price of staying at a hotel and reserving a separate rental vehicle.

There are luxury RV rentals available from owners in the Bethel, AK area, that fit any situation, so if this is the kind of experience you want to return to after you’ve explored the town and its wilderness, then this might be the ideal vehicle to suit your needs.

Where to Find Campers for Rent by Owner in Bethel, AK

Since Bethel is so sparsely populated, you can typically find a good rental by owner online. In fact, due to the prevalence of RV sharing sites, you may be able to find the exact RV you’re looking for, contact the owner, and rent the vehicle within the same day. Fortunately, there is an increasing number of these types of sites, so when you need to quickly locate an RV for rent in Bethel, check these pages out first.

If the RV sharing sites don’t work for you, there are also online communities that have message boards and forums that are designed to help RVers connect with people seeking to rent a vehicle. These groups are typically arranged by geographic location and very easy to use as well.