Auburn RV Rentals By Owner

Auburn, AL is a beautiful part of the south that has plenty of fresh air and places to go golfing. That being said, renting an RV to travel around the area will give you a comfortable place to sleep, a place to cook your breakfast in the morning, and a place to relax when you need. Whether you are exploring Chewacla State Park, watching an Auburn Tigers game at the stadium, or swinging your clubs at Indian Pines Golf Course, having an RV rental will add convenience to your trip.

Auburn RVs for Rent by Owner

Most think of RV rentals as something that you can only do at a dealership, but rentals by RV owners are also possible. Some owners like to share their RV with individuals who share a love of nature with them. They may not be able to use their camper as much as they want, so they decide to rent it out to someone like you.

This helps the owner make a little bit of extra cash a few times a year, and it makes it so that you are able to pay a little bit less for an RV rental. Renting from an individual rather than a company means that the RV is likely to be in good condition. This is a summer home for the owner as well, so maintaining the condition of the RV will likely have the owner offering to rent it to you again.

Where to Find Auburn Private RV Rentals

If you have never rented an RV from an owner before, you may not be sure where to look. You can start by asking around to see if any RV owners that you know are interested in renting their RV. If they say no, maybe they know someone else who is interested.

Word of mouth is a great resource, but you can always check online as well to find private RV rentals that are available in Auburn, AL. There are actually RV sharing sites that you can use to see the RV rentals by owner that are available. You will be able to find out how many people the RV sleeps, the length of the RV, and the number of bathrooms, and you can even see images of the interior and the exterior of the RV so that you can make an informed decision.

Auburn Motorhome Rentals by Owner

For a motorhome for rent by owner in Auburn, you can expect to spend anywhere from $100 a day to $300 a day on the rental. The actual cost will depend on the owner, the size of the RV that you need, and the number of amenities that you want to have.

A Class B RV is pretty much the most basic motorhome that you can rent, and in Auburn, they typically cost $100 to $150 a night. The next step up is the mid-sized Class C RV, and renting one of these will cost you a little bit more a night; expect to pay $175 to $250 a night for these. A Class A, which is a more luxurious model, will cost from $250 to approximately $400 a day.

All of these classes of RVs will have a place to cook, a bathroom, a sleeping space, storage, and a living space; the class simply determines how much of each are available in the camper that you are thinking of renting.

Luxury Motorhomes for Rent by Owner in Auburn

If the thought of a luxury camper sounds good to you, then consider a Class A RV. If you are lucky, you might even find a private RV rental for this type of RV that is a bargain. However, if you have to spend a little more to get the same type of amenities that you would get in a five-star hotel, then splurge a little if you can.

Class A RVs typically have features that you will not find in other RVs. In fact, you can often find intricate tile and finishings in the RV, multiple bathrooms, and large, flat-screen televisions. These added features are not needed in an RV, but they are nice to have, especially if high-end cooking appliances are included.

If you prefer a luxury model that you tow behind your vehicle, then an Airstream rental may be worth your consideration. These models are just as luxurious as a Class A RV, but they are designed to be unhitched at the campground to make it easier for you to travel by car when you need to run to the store or go see a nearby site.

Pop-up Campers for Rent by Owner in Auburn

For families that are just getting acquainted with the RVing lifestyle, a pop-up camper may be a good option to consider. It has a place to cook, a place to sleep, and plenty of storage space. In fact, these campers are actually able to comfortably sleep more people because the beds often fold out over the edge of the camper base.

The other major benefit of this type of camper is the fact that when they are folded down, they are easy to tow behind a vehicle that has a hitch attached. This makes it a great option for someone who is uncomfortable driving a large Class A RV.

Travel Trailers for Rent by Owner in Auburn

Another great option for those who prefer to tow their camper is a travel trailer. This option is available in a number of different length and levels of luxury. In fact, Airstreams fall into this category, and they are one of the nicest options available to you for a rental. No matter what RV you select, you will be able to unhook your vehicle from the camper to explore the area surrounding Auburn, AL with ease.