Arizona RV Rentals By Owner

If you always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon State and see all the amazing things that Arizona has to offer, now is your chance. Renting a camper or motorhome lets you travel the state and take your time exploring all the attractions that you want to see. Arizona provides ample parks and campgrounds with sites available for travelers like you.

Prices of Campers for Rent by Owner in Arizona

Most renters want to know how much Arizona private RV rentals cost, but it’s difficult to give you an exact price without knowing more information. Even if you called a hotel and tried to book a room, the front desk manager would probably tell you that it depends on when you stay and the number of people in your room. The same holds true when renting an RV.

The most important factor that determines your cost is when you decide to take a trip. If you book during the busy season, you can expect to pay more than if you booked during the offseason. The offseason is when fewer travelers head to Arizona.

Arizona’s busy season is a little different from the busy seasons found in other states. It becomes busier in the late fall and through the winter because tourists come to enjoy the warm weather and get away from the cold weather back home. The busy season can include a portion of the spring, too.

Price also depends on the number of people you travel with because this determines the type of camper that you rent. Larger models like a Class A motorhome will cost more than a truck camper or a pop-up camper does. The features and/or amenities that you need can relate to that cost, too.

Features on Arizona Motorhome Rentals by Owner

It’s important that you have some idea in mind of the amenities that you want and the features that you need before picking a camper. Arizona has a type of dry heat with less humidity in the air that makes it feel cooler than it actually is, but you may want an RV with air conditioning to beat some of that heat. If you rent a pop-up or a smaller camper, you will need to bring fans from home.

The number of beds, as well as the sizes and placement of those beds, is equally important. Some recreational vehicles have beds built above the front seats with a ladder nearby, but these beds are harder for some people to get in and out of at night and in the morning. Campers with beds that fold down or out will require that you set up those beds every night.

You should also think about whether you want a camper that you pull behind a truck or one that you can drive on its own. Some travelers would prefer to leave their cars at home and drive just an RV. You may find that you prefer having the option of removing the camper from your vehicle to check out some of the local sites without using as much gas.

Searching for an RV Rental by Owner in Arizona

Arizona RVs for rent by owner are incredibly easy to find. Owners can list their vehicles online and provide prospective renters with all the information they need to find one that will work for their upcoming trips. Those owners can even list the dates the campers are available to restrict rentals during any of the vacations that they want to take themselves.

Though you can view all rentals available in Arizona, you can also view those available in the cities where you want to depart. Rentals are available in major cities like Chandler, Yuma, Phoenix, and Tucson. Narrowing down your search by city keeps you from driving just to pick up a camper.

You also have the option of searching for vehicles based on type or class, including Class A recreational vehicles, travel trailers, and sport utility models. If you know the exact size that you want, you can search by length, but you can also search for campers made in certain years. Setting the search parameters lets you view only the vehicles available for rent on the dates of your trip that meet your exact needs.

Places to Stay in Arizona Private RV Rentals

Though you may want to search for a motorhome for rent by owner in Arizona because you want to see the Grand Canyon, you shouldn’t ignore all the other fun things to do in the state. Arizona is home to strange and unusual roadside attractions that include the Superstition Mountain Museum, the Route 66 Gas Station in Cool Springs, a space shuttle simulator, and the World’s First Retirement Community Museum, which is in Sunrise.

You’ll also have the chance to explore real, live ghost towns like Oatman, which hosts gunfight shows nearly every day. Fans of the Old West may want to check out the O.K. Corral, too. Some of the top places to stay include popular parks and recreation areas like:

Patagonia Lake State Park

This state park has both RV sites and tent sites available. All electric spots have hookups for 30-amp and 50-amp campers and are large enough to accommodate most camper types. Patagonia Lake State Park has some spots that overlook the lake and has quiet hours every night that start at nine.

Fort Tuthill Recreation Area
Fort Tuthill Recreation Area helps you beat the heat because of the large shade trees located on and around every RV site. These spots come with hookups for both your water and electric lines and are large enough for longer campers. It has a dump station for emptying out your RV before you get back on the road again, too.

You can search today for RVs that meet the needs of your family for camping in any Arizona city.