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About Us

Software Carpenters, Inc. is a family run business with 20+ years of business software and website development experience that has chosen to focus on providing solutions to help RV rental businesses. is our online RV Rental directory/classified that lists motor homes, travel trailers, toy haulers, pop-up tent trailers, camper vans, and other recreational vehicles for rent. Our rental members that offer the RV rentals range in size from individual private parties and regional rental companies to large national rental agencies and multi location RV Dealers. Each rental member offers different types of rental units that meet the various needs of the rental customers. We allow customers to browse and compare the various features and amenities in these rental vehicles, thus allowing them to find the best recreational vehicle rental to meet their needs. Our goal is to be your 1st choice in finding a recreational vehicle rental.

Each of our rental members pay to list their units on, so customers can count on the information about their rental units being up-to-date and accurate. Customers can browse and compare rental units for free, then contact the rental member’s business directly for availability, quotes, and reservations. The rental business’s contact information including phone numbers, email, and website links; is clearly visible on each rental units listing webpage.

We don’t take a commission on each rental like some other RV rental websites and thus allow customers to work out the best rental package and pricing to meet their needs. We allow customers to know who the rental business is that they are renting from prior to the reservation. They won’t need to take the risk of having a middle party possibly mess up the details of their RV rental and potentially spoil their vacation.

Our History

My wife and I decided to buy a motor home after our first child was born. We wanted to be able to share with our children the joy of discovering how beautiful the US and Canada were firsthand. We bought our first motor home from a local RV show in 1999.

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Down the road a couple of years and 3 additional boys we still were enjoying RVing and having great vacations, but the cost of payments, storage, insurance, and maintenance were nagging at us. I was starting Software Carpenters, Inc. as a software development firm and my wife decided to stay home fulltime and home school our boys. It was a sizeable commitment for us financially and we questioned our choice to put that much of our income into a depreciating asset. But, we felt the valuable travel and outdoor experiences it offered our family was worth the cost.

When I was a child, my father rented out our motor home, so we could afford to own one. Recalling this, we realized this was a good option for our family. It was then that we started to rent out our motor home.

I built our first website to market our motor home, but soon developed to allow anyone to list and market their RV for rent. We launch in 2002 and within a couple of year had hundreds of members listing their RVs for rent. In 2010 we change the name of the website to to make it easier for people to remember us and to make it clear our focus was on RV rentals.

As a family we enjoy working in the RV Rental industry. We see renting an RV as a great way for a family or couple to vacation and see our beatiful country. An RV rental can be a very cost effective way to travel while still providing many luxuries. But like anything in life, good advise can make a huge difference in the quality of the experience. We want to help guide rental customers in finding and planning their RV vacations. This is our vision.

Founder & President,
Kevin R. Bell

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